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HTML5 - HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is essentially a programming language for structuring and presenting content via the Internet (or web, or www), with (5) being the most recent version available. Allows the use of audio and video presentation within a view for the user while providing the ability to scale the presentation from mobile devices to standard laptops and monitors.
TFS - Team Foundation Server from Microsoft gives developers source and version control along with the ability to tie together or integrate design and documentation documents in one central repository.
Visual Studio - This product from Microsoft can best be described as an integrated development environment (IDE) where developers create the applications. It is essentially a forms creator, an editor and debugging tools which combined are used to create the actual applications and screens within Wynsoft. Within this editor, the developers can create the screens used both for web (HTML5) and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). WPF screens are utilized on the floor and are dedicated to the specific tasks of an operator such as selection, auditing, decant etc. The web screens are designed to be accessible from any location once the user signs in and passes authentication.
Windows 8 - The latest operating system release from Microsoft is a layer on top of Windows 7. It provides a user interface that is more commercial in nature while mimicking the style and usability of smart phones and tablets. Wynsoft can operate in both Windows 7 or 8 versions, but is styled after the more modern look of tiles, colors and designs of mobile devices. Note: It is not necessary for your clients to support and use Windows 8 to install and use Wynsoft.
VMWare - Commonly referred to as Virtual Machine. In the case of Wynsoft, that is a good definition of the way we utilize the architecture to segment computing power so each process thinks it has its own computer. This is important in that it allows resources to be shared among processes, reducing the overall size and support requirements for the actual hardware.
SQL Server and Oracle - These are the two database backbones that are supported by Wynsoft, with SQL Server being our standard. Database engines such as these provide developers with tools to store, retrieve and maintain the data that is essential to the applications. The majority of opportunities that arise should have a technical staff which are familiar with these two industry leaders.