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Software Solutions

Selection - Pick to Light (PTL), Voice, Hybrid™ Voice and PTL,Pick and Pack, Goods to Person, and Robotics.
Auditing - Inbound as well as outbound error checking along withcycle counting.
Decant - Moving inventory from one storage medium to anotherfor efficient inventory storage and retrieval.
Convey & Transporter - Interaction between scan points from thePLCs and solution data to guide inventory to the proper divert orsort points.
Labeler - Support and integration for the best of breed suppliers ofPrint & Apply and Insertion devices.
Order Fulfillment - Order processing and preparation of selectionassignments.
Visibility - This layer of Wynsoft turns disparate systems data intousable information with the ultimate goal of driving efficiencies(and therefore cost savings) within the operation. The Visibilitylayer of Wynsoft and state-of-the-art technical tools are the keyingredient for bringing this to the operation. Whether your needsare for web-based access, tablets, mobile or at the desk, theVisibility layer allows operators real-time access to the informationneeded to make intelligent and informed decisions.