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White Paper  |  Jeff Holmes  |  Wynright Corporation

The Ecosystem Product Model in Material Handling

What do Apple and Amazon’s product strategies have to do with the selection of your distribution and fulfillment solutions?
Apple has been subscribing to an “ecosystem” strategy with its product line since the advent of its iTunes music store nearly 10 years ago. More recently, Amazon adopted a similar strategy towards approaching the consumer market with eBooks and their own digital music offerings. The success of these two approaches is evident in the market dominance of the iPod, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and most recently the Kindle Fire.

When you buy a device from Apple or Amazon you can tap into countless resources just as you could with other devices, but by buying into their ecosystem, you are able to take advantage of opportunities that might otherwise have been unavailable. These companies boast that there are significant benefits to choosing a single company to provide the entire solution from hardware to software, from media to services, and beyond. If you want proof, just ask a Kindle Fire owner about what books and movies they can access
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