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Modular Design,
Layered Approach

Distribution Centers are always evolving. Integrating new equipment or adding new processes typically require intensive code modification.

Wynsoft’s modular approach is unique because it is flexible, allowing it to adjust and grow with the DC. The modules are built around a low-level system layer to directly interact with the warehouse management and ERP systems, as well as with the underlying database. This means less effort is required to add modules along the way. The ability to easily integrate additional modules enables the WCS to easily expand with the evolving needs of the business.

The significance of applying a layered approach means multiple operational factors can be considered and evaluated. For example, diverts based solely on lane full status or carton count completely ignores the amount of work required to process a given carton. Wynsoft’s ability to access the order information for a given carton in real time provides vital information required to more evenly distribute the workload thereby improving productivity.
Wynsoft’s layered approach is
comprised of four distinct layers:
Executes instructions and provides
safety monitoring

Optimizes work assignment

Plans tasks and provides labor

Takes statistical data from each
of the modules and turns it into
valuable information so crucial
reports can be viewed by the right
people at the right time